Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MacBook Air 11inch Murah2 oiiiii!!

hye2 everyone, till we meet again in my latest entry,
gitchew... today i want to announce to all my orang2 kampung, makcik2 gayah,
we want to sell one unit of Apple Macbook Air 11 Inch only for 19hundred!!!!! equal to 1900.00 laaa, 
if your are soo damn interested u can directly ask me through whatapps gitchew
this is my no: 017-3676445

Brand: Apple 
Series: Macbook Air 11 Inch (just like notebook)
Specialty: Supper Slim
First Owner: Girl (my sister), sooo u know how gurl taking care thier stuff isn't
the price is fixed... but if you can persuade the owner, mayb she could give your much cheaper
Condition: 9/10 (macam hakak Nora danish)
Delivery: FREE!!
Approximate delivery item: within 3 Day
posting Around Malaysia Only,
i know i have fans around the world..(haaa ko x caya sudah)
coz b4 this got 2-3 abang2 pinoy ask me to send this to Philippine but i said cannot laa, coz its difficult to handle with all the kastam and whatsoeva, (malas nak nyusah diri)

soo this is the picha...take alo0k by urself ekk....

forgot to tell u that! we giving you a FREE CASING (purple colour uols!)

btw kenape aku speaking malam2 nie, yelaaa takot2 de yg x paham bahasa baku VP plak..hahaa... k muah2


  1. berapa tahun dah guna nie? n kenapa jual? syg la. .hehe

    1. hai...tq for your comment... beli 2012 tapi my sis sgt jarang gune... reason nak jual sebab xgune sgt sebab tu nak jual... memng laa syg tapi nak bt camne dari dibiar kan... gud news my sis kurang harge lagi 15hundred only...interested kindly sms me k...



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